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About Us - Debra and Rick Fey

An unlikely chance meeting of an auto mechanic originally from Kenya and an Atlanta couple resulted in a decades-long friendship and created an opportunity to offer the unique and beautiful handcrafted jewelry, purses, sculptures and home accessories which you will see on this site. 

In addition, we offer many certified fair-trade items from countries all over the world, and we continue to expand. These cooperatives help support the artists, their families and the community at large, and these cooperatives ensure that the artist receives a fair wage for their work. So, look for “Certified Fair Trade” on many of our items and you can be assured that your purchase benefitted the artist directly.

We also offer many items from various countries that, while not certified fair trade, are purchased through reputable sources and helps support orphanages in Africa or after school programs for the poorest of children in Africa. Other merchandise lines offered in our shop benefit our favorite local charity, The Tri-State Humane Society. Giving a little back when we are blessed with so much is the foundation upon which our business is based.
The Graceful Giraffe
Handcrafted Treasures by Local and Global Artisans
6061 Highway 117, Mentone, Alabama
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We hope you will appreciate the artistry that goes into each item. Global artistsans utilize materials and resources that are available to them, with incredible results. You will be impressed with the use of horn and bone, wood and metal, hemp, sisal and leather, stone and bead, coconut and recycled glass.

In the fall of 2011 we moved from Atlanta to Mentone, Alabama – a scenic community on top of Lookout Mountain – and we brought with us a fledging business called The Graceful Giraffe. In the spring of 2013 we opened our shop in the heart of Mentone and expanded our offerings to include items from all parts of Africa as well as many other countries, providing a truly global shopping experience.

But Mentone is a community full of artists, too, and we opened our hearts and our shop to a number of truly excellent local artists, and you will get to know these artists and see some of their work on this web site as well.

In July of 2017 Rick Fey passed away after a courageous five year battle with cancer, but his love and support of The Graceful Giraffe lives on. Rick accepted Jesus as his personal savior a scant four months before he passed away, and this blessed assurance strengthens Debra and has given her a grateful and joyful heart even in the midst of grief. They had a happy marriage that lasted 45 years.

Debra continues this business which she conceived and pampers even now. The shop is growing, with 14 local artists and many fair trade initiatives being added on constantly.

So, plan to browse and say awhile at The Graceful Giraffe – on line, on Facebook or at our shop in beautiful Mentone.