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Located in the Heart of Historic Mentone, Alabama
On top of Lookout Mountain
The Graceful Giraffe
Handcrafted Treasures by Local and Global Artisans
6061 Highway 117, Mentone, Alabama
Debra Fey: 404.630.2918
Closing one door leads to the opening of another. A new journey. A new beginning. 

I am announcing my retirement and closing of the shop on July 28, 2019, after 6+ years.

I am so proud of all the good The Graceful Giraffe has done over the years. Artists literally from all over the world have been represented in our shop, and the philosophy of fair trade which we follow has empowered many artists, allowing them to better support their families and to improve conditions in their own communities. Global fair trade allows parents to provide better housing, send their children to school, improve their community’s sanitation and infrastructure, and so on. We have supported orphanages in some of the poorest districts in Kenya through after school and lunch programs. Our small shop alone has contributed hundreds of school meals. I am very proud of these achievements and how my shop has touched many lives on a global scale.

17 local artists have entrusted me to represent their work in my shop. These artists have become my friends, and I admire the diversity, skill set, character and professionalism that each brings to the shop.

We have gladly supported many worthwhile organizations here in Mentone by contributing items for silent auctions, etc. We have proudly donated a portion of our proceeds from some sales to national charities like Friends of the Animals and Doctors Without Borders, and have proudly supported our favorite local charity, The Tri-State Humane Society, through some of our most favored lines of merchandise.
Many of you knew Rick and prayed for him during his long illness, and you prayed for strength and perseverance for me during those five years and in the months after he passed. Customers have become friends. Each of you are a blessing.

I have lots of great merchandise remaining but will not be replenishing any of my global inventory, so now is the time to act! At this point I plan to close the shop on Sunday, July 28, 2019, assuming my inventory holds up.

If any inventory happens to still be on hand. I will have it for sale through Facebook on The Graceful Giraffe page (link at the top of this page). I will be staying in touch with you indefinitely through Facebook. 

Thank you so much for helping me realize my dream. You have made The Graceful Giraffe a success!  

God bless.